• Face to face meetings are scheduled bi-weekly, depending on member availability.

  • Phone support is available at any time.

  • FaceBook is utilized to provide information about CRPS and for scheduling meetings.

We pledge to maintain strict confidentiality of all personal comments, medical information and opinions shared in this group.

Our group was founded by a CRPS patient who reached out to the community wondering “Am I the only person in Hawaii with this condition?” We were formed with the intention of proving friendship, support, information and hope to people suffering with CRPS.

We offer in-person meetings, email and phone support. Our FaceBook page provides information about symptoms, treatment, research, patient advocacy measures, and mind/body pain management approaches.

Oahu CRPS Support Group


Mission Statement

Our mission is to create a safe and caring environment in which to discuss the challenges of living with CRPS and to support one another by sharing our experiences and our successes. We are committed to providing education for patients, their families, and doctors. We promote CRPS awareness and research.

Support Meetings